What is my house like?

This is my apartment

The door is open.
The apartment is beautiful.
It is small and comfortable .
The number is 502 .
My cat is out .
The window is open and has brown curtain .
My cat is inside .
The door is open.
My TV is great and the screen is thin.
The walls are white and terracotta
A table with two TV controls .
There are two floors.
The door is open.
The floor is beige.


There is a table and two TV controls .
The wall has the flag of Mexico .
The sofa bed is large and comfortable .
This plant is very nice .
It is close to the dining room .

The walls and floor of the bathroom are beige .
The toilet and washing hands are also beige .
The towel is red .
The table is white .

The kitchen is beige and small
The furnishings are cafes.
refrigerator , microwave and mixer are silver.
The stove is black .
The toaster sandwich and are white .
The apartment has three bedrooms.
The master bedroom has a large bed.
The second bedroom has clothes.
In the third room is the cat.
The rooms have a terracotta wall .

This is the dining room.
The table is glass.
It has four seats.
The computer is on the table.
The table is near the dining room .
The phone is on the table .
The ornaments are wooden table .
This is the courtyard.
In the courtyard is the washing machine.
There is the laundry.
In the courtyard there is a white window.


  1. Prefiero tu escritura. Un abrazo

  2. Hello Tiguaz,

    My dear friend
    I'm studying English , is why do these activities in my blog.

    If you want to read me , look me in Falsaria.com

  3. Atala:

    So We can practise English because I'm also studying. It's a pleasure to see you again.

    My best wishes,


  4. Yes, My friend, you can practice the inglish here.
    This is my space, you are welcome.


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